What made you decide to join Global Switch back in 2008?

I had just returned to Spain from two years working in internal audit and financial control in New Zealand. My background was in the hotel resort industry, but I was keen to look for a new challenge in a different sector and I was really attracted to the huge potential of the data centre industry.

How has your role and the business developed since you joined?

Global Switch in Madrid was relatively small when I arrived, but it has grown enormously since and is now one of the city’s leading carrier and cloud neutral data centre providers. The customer base, sales revenue, the size of the team – everything has quadrupled, and I have seen my responsibility grow along with the business. The number of stakeholders involved in each task has increased and so too has the amount of support, analysis and control that is required. It has been incredible to experience this growth of a company first-hand.

If there is such a thing, how does your typical day look?

Things are always changing, but in general I look after financial reporting for the group companies in Spain, working closely with other teams including sales, operations, and projects. I make sure our reporting is accurate, meaningful and on time, and that it fits with short and long-term company objectives. I also work closely with the Finance team in London, keeping them updated on our performance and forecasts.

How has the pace of development been for you personally?

There is a real sense at Global Switch that you can grow at a pace that suits you. From my perspective, I have always felt supported and have been able to develop my skills in a steady way throughout my time here. I think that the high level of interaction I have with different levels of management had played a big part in that.

What excites you about the future at Global Switch?

The demand for resilient data centre capacity in Spain is growing fast, and this brings big opportunities for Global Switch. Madrid is also one of the most important gateways to North and South America, and Global Switch as a DE-CIX enabled site provides access to the world’s largest independent eco system. In my role, I am closely involved in scoping out the financial side of any expansion, so it is fascinating to be part of the journey.

Global Switch

Interconnect into our network dense environment


Global Switch Madrid is located close to the financial district and city centre in ‘Silicon Alley Madrid’, an area known for its high concentration of internet and technology companies which also has the highest per capita connectivity in Spain with a large number of fibre optic networks available.

As a DE-CIX Enabled Site, our Madrid data centre provides direct access to the world’s largest independent interconnection ecosystem and offers the full range of DE-CIX services.

Calle Yécora, 4, 28022 Madrid, Spain